“Unbelievable. (It) taught me how to take control of my life. I had no idea how to bring out my strengths.”

TL - England

“My life took a complete turnaround. I feel like I’m able to handle everything now.”

JA - Pasadena, CA

“Before I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster and always looking for something to make me happy. Now I have this satisfying sense of self.”

XC - Los Angeles, CA

“I never knew I could feel like this.”

MH - Nevada

“Thank you so much for yesterday. This work is simply incredible and I so value you, your Team and your time. My sincere thanks.”

JG - New York

“Just had to share . . . Came across a locked box I had from when I was probably 10 or younger that had rocks and minerals in it. But, I remembered exactly where the key was . . . Opened it up and all of the stones in there were . . .all on my stones package (report). Amazing!”

HW - Hawthorne, CA

“Amazing!” Thanks for you all of your help . . . This process feels very significant.”

MZ - Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks for this morning. I love being drawn into the meaning of my stones each time I see them!”

TG - Manhattan Beach, CA

“When ‘The Secret’ stopped working a couple of years ago, Kate was able to explain why and how I could fix it!”

EL - Connecticut

“I never would have thought of the things the (Your10Keys) information told me. It opened up whole new areas in my life.”

BN - Portland, OR